Socialization Field Trip Worksheet

Use the Puppy Socialization Field Trip worksheet in conjunction with our sought after socialization checklist to plan outings, track progress, and address any weak areas that need work. Adding the field trip worksheet can improve the success of a socialization plan. It prompts focus on the specific puppy needs. The length of the outing, what are the planned encounters, how did the puppy react, what was the puppy’s body posture, and what still needs work. Also included in the Puppy Socialization Field Trip worksheet are reminders of what to take along and see things from a puppy’s point of view.
These days we all know that a puppy needs to be socialized early. The impact of missing this early opportunity can be detrimental to a dog. However, most people still think that taking their dog down to the coffee shop is enough socialization. It is not. A puppy needs to experience a wide variety of people, places, sights, sounds, and surfaces. Your efforts help ensure that he is curious, confident, and resilient throughout his life. As always, your puppy decides who and what he wants to meet. Your job is to ensure that he is comfortable and that the world is a fun and safe place. Our Puppy Socialization Field Trip worksheet helps you do that.

puppy socialization fieldtrip worksheet