Fourth Week of Training

Note: If this lesson plan is being used by a dog training school, start each class with some supervised puppy playtime.

  • Exposure to variety of obstacles, including:
    – different surfaces, car rides, construction sites, public transit if you live in the city, etc.
  • Review, review, review!
    – How is the puppy coping?
    – Concentrate on problem areas
  • Go on a Field Trip
    – To a vet clinic or groomer, use public transportation
  • Learn how to do Scary Monster
  • Review, review, review!
    – Focus on problem areas
  • Make up your own game
  • Start building a repertoire of recipes to stuff in rubber food toys
junior obedience
  • Start working on Extended Sit & Down
  • Learn about a Workable Program
    – Schedule of re-enforcement
  • Review
    – Calling the puppy
house training
  • Learn how long puppies should stay crated as they grow into mature dogs
  • Review:
    – Concentrate on problem areas