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The addition of a puppy to your family is exciting and fun, but it can also feel overwhelming. Talking with me before you bring your puppy home will ensure you’re well prepared for all of it! Together, we will get you ready for your new dog!

People who take the time to do pre puppy consultations are without a doubt better prepared for both the fun and the challenges of what is to come. In this pre-puppy prep consult, I’ll answer whatever questions you have about bringing home your new puppy! We’ll:

  • discuss pre-puppy-prep, the car ride home, the first night with your new puppy, and the first few days. 
  • delve into important topics such as potty and crate locations. 
  • chew over the best puppy toys and supplies to have ready. 
How it works:

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Cost is $255 CAD (plus applicable tax)



The pre puppy consultation is 90 minutes. We meet virtually via Zoom at a time convenient for you!



Reap the benefits of being prepared for all your puppy contingencies

You’ll come away empowered with a:

  • game plan for how to potty train and a potty training record-keeping worksheet. 
  • guide for safe spot training your puppy.
  • sample daily schedule to help you stay on track with the day-to-day flow.
  • answers to all your questions about your unique situation.
  • peace of mind knowing you’re well prepared. 

As a bonus, you will also receive access to “You’re Lucky You’re Cute” puppy prep video and accompanying ebook, which gives you a head start before we meet. 

Hi, I’m Syd. 

I’m excited to be part of your puppy-raising adventure!

Getting one-on-one, in-person advice from a certified, experienced trainer will help you ensure both a great start and years of enjoyment with your new furry family member. You will come away all set with game plans for potty training, crate training, managing puppy biting and the best puppy toys and supplies for you to be ready with. Plus some fun extras! 

Can’t wait to see you soon and talk puppy!

Syd was amazing!! She is so knowledgeable and helpful and provided a lot of resources (videos, work sheets, etc) that were easy to follow and understand. 

-- Stephani Turner

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