Why You'll Love The Handout Kit for R+ Pros! Start Here from Puppy to Dream Dog
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  • One time purchase allows unlimited use
  • Fully brand-able with your company info and logo
  • Use on smartphone (interactive PDF) and printable
  • Excellent for both group and private puppy classes
  • Endorsed and trusted by industry-leading professionals
  • Marketing material to develop relationships with vet clinics, groomers or pet supply
  • Improves clients engagement

The Kit contains 12 Handouts that Support YOUR Puppy Classes

Running your own dog training business means doing it all. Wishing that you had professionally designed handouts but can’t afford the time or expense of developing them?

We take all that aggravation away and have done the heavy lifting for you.

Our handouts professionalize your image and differentiate your puppy class. Get beautifully designed handouts and insert your branding.

They’re created to make teaching fun and easy. Let us help so you can focus on what you enjoy!

Get the Kit plus the BONUS pack now with an instant download!

Unlimited use of ALL HANDOUTS + the BONUS Enrichment pack Start Here from Puppy to Dream Dog
part of the everything packet for instructors the new puppy essential worksheets and handout sample pages

New Puppy Essentials

What you get – 4 handouts:

  • Potty Training Record-Keeping Worksheet Helps your student keep track of their potty training and achieve fast results. 
  • Socialization Checklist A comprehensive checklist to inspire and keep the process moving. Includes a troubleshooting section and a spot to make notes. 
  • Field Trip Worksheet Track specifics of socialization outings including their pup’s body language.
  • Daily Inspiration Your students are busy folks with limited time. This 2-page handout breaks things into categories and includes training and game ideas based on available time. It also includes a chart that illustrates how much sleep their pup needs and when to provide it. It’s a lifesaver for new puppy folks!  
puppy life skills worksheets and handouts sample pages section of the everything packet for instructors

Puppy Life Skills

What you get – 3 handouts:

  • Recall – Call Your Puppy to Come. This handout includes tips, the how, what, and where of practicing, and a spot to record the week’s progress. 
  • Loose Leash Walking Prompts the student to make a detailed plan for their walk. Includes space to make notes, a supply checklist, and essential reminders. 
  • Steps to Teaching a Behavior A step-by-step training plan template for teaching new behaviors, adding cues, and adding distractions.


predictable preventable puppy dog problem worksheets

Predictable Problem Prevention 

What you get – 3 handouts:

  • Happy Handling Plan This handout does double duty for you! Use it to market to vets and groomers. An essential addition to any veterinary puppy pack. This handout will enhance your relationships with those who refer you now and help you to build new ones. It’s also an introduction to cooperative care for your puppy students. Tips, illustrated, it’s the first step to start them on this trust-building journey with their puppy.
  • Trade You (Grabby McGrabby Pants) An illustrated guide on trading a pup for what’s in his mouth. When to do it, how to do it and why. Simple and fun!
  • Manage Puppy Biting No matter how often we remind folks that biting is natural and part of the package, this is still one of the most common challenges they face. We created this ‘At A Glance’ guide to help students quickly scan and see what they can do to decrease, prevent or manage that pesky puppy biting.

I look forward to adding these to my list of educational offerings for my clients.

Ultimate Puppy, thank you again for being a one-stop resource for new puppy parents and dog professionals alike.

-- Kathy Wolff, CCDT, CCUI, FDM

bonus sample pack pages

But wait, there’s more!

Inspire your clients to up their enrichment game! 

We’ve made it easy for you to help them!

Included is the ‘Find It’ game illustrated and an Enrichment Tip handout complete with a menu of 20 options for your students to pick from.


Instant access means you can start using all these wonderful resources right now!


Keep students motivated and on track with these support materials. Clear action plans help folks reach their goals. This is great for business! What’s better than happy students shouting from the rooftops? We know you will enjoy sharing them as much as we enjoyed creating them!


Great job! We are so excited about this.

-- Andrew Luescher DVM Ph.D. DACVB | Director, Animal Behavior Clinic, School of Veterinary Medicine, Purdue University
Start Here from Puppy to Dream Dog

Endorsed by leading industry professionals, we have been supporting dog pros for 20-plus years.

We’re excited to offer this next level of puppy training materials for your business!

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