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Imagine your adorable, new puppy growing into the dog of your dreams!

But there is so much conflicting advice! And what’s important to focus on right now? We can help you raise a puppy who becomes a wonderful companion for life. For nearly 3 decades Ultimate Puppy has been making life easier for new puppy people. Practical tools and techniques that are simple to follow and cover almost everything you can think of – You won’t miss a thing!

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Fetch your step-by-step puppy training guide!

Keeping track of all the things you need to do with a puppy can be hard. Our complete puppy training plan: 

  • breaks down your steps
  • measures your progress
  • keeps you motivated

It brings calm and clarity to an often overwhelming experience. Get it now because your puppy won’t wait!

New Puppy Prep recorded webinar + ebook

Don’t wait for the puppy to get there, start now!  Gain insight into what to expect – watch our Puppy Prep recorded webinar. 

Be ready for: 

  • The car ride home
  • The first night
  • The first few days

Get ready for it! We cover all the details! 

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This website has been a game-changer for me! All the information I need in one place. Research-based, with a straightforward delivery. 

-- Laura Heemstra
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Just Sniffing Around?

Dig into all of our free resources. Learn about your puppy’s development, how dogs learn, and how to use treats. In addition, we have organized the 5 main areas of importance to make it easy for you to understand what to teach your new pup. Access your free puppy socialization checklist and other popular puppy training handouts. Explore The Puppy Journals and sign up for the UP Bytes, free daily puppy training tips.

For Dog Pros

Healthy, happy, dogs living harmoniously with their people is the common goal! It takes a village. This is why we offer puppy training resources aimed at fostering links between the veterinary community, responsible breeders, shelters, and accredited dog trainers. Find valuable handouts for your puppy program here. 

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Hi, I’m Syd, KPA CTP and Certified Fear Free Professional! 

I specialize in early puppy education and know the quality of your early efforts with your new puppy will change the course of your lives together. 

Twenty years ago, along with co-founder Peggy van Dam, I embarked on a mission to make early puppy education more readily available. 

Together we wrote, designed, and created Ultimate Puppy, UP for short.

Our passion for helping others avoid the potential pitfalls and myriad questions that come with puppy rearing has culminated over decades and continues to evolve and expand. 

We know that with the right tools and coaching, common pitfalls that lead to dogs being surrendered can be avoided. 

We are pleased to offer you such a comprehensive resource for everything puppy – all in one place. 

To date, UP has helped thousands of people raise their ultimate puppy. We are excited to now be part of your puppy-raising adventure!

Work with Syd!

Get one-on-one personal help planning for your new puppy with a Pre-Puppy Consultation. Everything is customized specifically to you and your puppy, including plans for: 

  • crate training
  • potty training
  • managing puppy biting

…and more! You won’t waste money on toys and supplies you don’t need or your puppy won’t like.

Absolutely brilliant! Innovative, effective and a joy to read. Ultimate Puppy is a winner.

-- Dr. Ian Dunbar, Veterinarian, Animal Behaviorist and best-selling author
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Q & A

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What do I need before I bring my puppy home?


The right toys and chews are essential. From puppy enrichment, to safe spot training and refocusing the pup onto appropriate things to chew. My go to is a Toppl Treat Toy and good quality bully sticks.

For more on what you need and how to get ready watch our video, You’re Lucky You’re Cute. You will get a free e-book with shopping lists and training plans too! Consider it our puppy shower gift to you!



How do I potty train my puppy?


With a good plan and by paying attention to the details of your plan. Your puppy will need to go out every 20 minutes or so if they are up and moving around. If it feels like you are going out all the time you are doing it right!



How do I stop my puppy from biting my feet?


Puppies aren’t called little land sharks for nothing! They can put a real damper on kitchen dance parties!

If you want to dance in your kitchen again you will love our Puppy Planner. We guide you through 4 weeks of training and games, complete with good plans and practical trouble-shooting tips.

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