The Power of Ultimate Puppy

At Ultimate Puppy, we believe in sharing what we know. We know that training a puppy during the first 16 weeks of his life will have a lasting impact. We know it’s much easier to live with a happy, well-adjusted dog than an out-of-control one. We follow a science-backed approach that’s mixed with lots of heart. We believe in audacity. We believe in clarity and good design. We believe in having fun and living the best life possible. Why not offer the same life for our dogs?

Training Tips

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Using Ultimate Puppy

Once you’ve had a chance to review Your Puppy’s Development and Getting Started, you are ready to start training.

Ultimate Puppy is broken down into five basic learning sections:

Socialization: Learn how to socialize your puppy successfully to our complex environment.

Prevention: Provides simple exercises that prevent your puppy from developing common behavioural problems.

Games: Fun, motivating and stimulating games to play with your puppy.

Junior Obedience: A photographically illustrated, easy-to-follow program that uses positive reinforcement to teach the basics.

House Training: Clear simple instructions to help you teach your puppy good bathroom habits.

These sections are not meant to be used in order, but can be read and practiced interchangeably as you train. For a more structured lesson plan on how to mix and match the sections, see Step by Step