Traction Matters To Your Pup

What a Girl Dog Wants A bite of cat poo, the allure of rolling on a dead bird, or the opportunity to sniff a butt are a few of the ways our preferences may differ from our dogs. Then there are the less obvious things like home decor. A Slippin and A Slidin Sometimes environments… View Article

There’s A Dog Toy For That!

puppy smelling a stuffed dog toy

To preface this post… These tips are not meant to replace quality time spent with your puppy. Nothing beats that! Also, Ultimate Puppy has no affiliation with the toy brands that are recommended here. It’s not always a problem that needs solving I coach people with puppies. Puppies bite. This is not a behavior that… View Article

Be a Doggie Detective

man looking a a dog with magnifying glass

“Why will my dog go in the pool at doggie camp, but won’t when we’re at home?” Unravel the mystery of your dog’s behavior. Is there something going on with your dog that has you baffled? Think of it as an opportunity to be a doggie detective. Rather than a problem to solve it’s a… View Article

How to ‘Train’ a Puppy

how to ‘train’ a puppy

Connection and choice, or control – what does this mean for you and your dog? When we let go of the idea of control and our goals become centered around the concept of building trust and connection we experience an enhanced relationship with our dog. Let go of old notions of control, compliance, and outdated… View Article

5 easy steps – how to use our new puppy planner

the ultimate puppy planner

There is plenty of research that shows how actually writing down your to-do list and schedule for the day makes you feel more engaged in the task at hand. And once your puppy training is complete, the physical planner becomes an artifact — a time capsule, if you will — of that time spent happenings.