A Puppy With A Plan

Peaceful Days Are your puppy days full of trouble with a capital T? Peaceful days are possible when you learn to mind the gap. Gaps occur when you are not actively involved with your pup. If you don’t plan well for these times your puppy will make puppy choices regarding how to spend the time…. View Article

Why You Should Time Your Tug Games!

Harness Puppy Energy and Avoid New Puppy Burnout! Like the sun and the wind, puppy energy is fully renewable. It comes in fits and spurts. Without a good plan for how to handle it, things can get uncomfortable, fast. Playing tug is a wonderful way to use this energy. Read on to learn why you… View Article

What Are The Best Puppy Training Treats?

Q) What are the best puppy training treats? A) Whatever your pup loves! Use this guide to help you discover the best puppy training treats for your pup. Plus a few other puppy musings. Think Squishy, Tiny, and Stinky Squishy, so you‘re able to tear the treats into itty bitty pieces. Half the size of… View Article

What Does Your Groomer Know That You Don’t?

Why It’s Essential to Have a Dialogue with Your Groomer Is a groomer part of your puppy dream team? Are you having regular conversations with them about how your puppy feels during appointments? Your groomer spends extended periods of time with your puppy without you there. They know the details when it comes to your… View Article

Traction Matters To Your Pup

What a Girl Dog Wants A bite of cat poo, the allure of rolling on a dead bird, or the opportunity to sniff a butt are a few of the ways our preferences may differ from our dogs. Then there are the less obvious things like home decor. A Slippin and A Slidin Sometimes environments… View Article