Week 3 of Puppy Training


This is Week 3 of Puppy Training. Can you beleive how time is flying! How are your social expereinces coming along? You and your puppy should be racking up as many unique encounters as is possible. All while ensuring your puppy is not stressed by the expereince.


Exposure to:
– people in strange uniforms, costumes
Go to: Socialization, Page 2
Introduce pup to:
– Strange sounds and smells
Watch: Youtube Socialization – Surface and Sound
– How many dogs has pup met?
– How many different kinds of people?

In Week 3 of Puppy Training we have some video for you watch, plus some extra exercises to help you carry on with your preventative work. Grab some popcorn and your puppy and snuggle up for some how-to video.


Learn how to prevent guardingWatch: YouTube 2 Puppy Games To Help Prevent the Grab, Guard and Gobble!
Review 100% ManagementGo to: How Dogs Learn, “100% Management” & House Training, “Daily Routine — Why Structure is Important”
Learn about Destructive Behavior & Chewing
Go to: Getting Started, “Toys” & How Dogs Learn, Page 1
Learn an alternative to Jumping Up (lure a “Sit” instead)Go to: Prevention, “Jumping Up to Greet: Teaching an Alternative”

Games include toys. Be sure to watch our Youtube puppy Toytorial for some great ideas.


Learn about toysWatch: Youtube Toytorial
Learn how to play RetrieveGo to: Games, “Retrieve”
Also learn “Puppy Out of the Gate!”Go to: Games, “Puppy Out of the Gate!”
And “Round Robin Recall”Go to: Games,
“Round Robin Recall”
Review Hide and Go Seek: VariationsGo to: Games, “Hide and Go Seek:

Life Skills

Learn the best way to call your pup to Come (the golden rules)Go to: Life Skills, “The Golden Rules”
Work on Come (Recalls) away from distractions
– Note: this week’s Games strengthen a
good recall
Go to: Life Skills, “Come Away from Distractions”
Learn about LonglinesWatch: Youtube Longline Tutorial
Review Leash workGo to: Life Skills, Page 4

House Training

– Concentrate on problem areas
Go to: House Training

Congratulations, you’re just completed week 3 of puppy training! Keep up the great work!! Click here to carry on to Week 4 of training your puppy.