There are some recommended toys that are important for your puppy. We suggest you use something you can fill with food such as a food ball, or hollow bone. A squeaky stuffed toy is very useful to get your pup’s attention. These enrichment tools have been specifically suggested to either assist you in the training of your puppy, or to help keep the pup occupied when he is on his own.

Like food, the use of toys is a potent way to motivate your puppy. They are also essential for certain games. Not all are created equal in your puppy’s mind. You will need to experiment with to see which ones your puppy prefers.

Keep them in a toy-box, bring them out for puppy play-time, use them and then put them away afterwards. Mix things up. A variety of toys is best. It helps keep things unpredictable and keeps the puppy interested.

Toys we Love


When raising and living with a dog, we all share some common goals.

  • Dog that are happy and healthy!
  • Dogs that are properly house trained.
  • Dogs that come when they are called.
  • Dogs that do not chew our prized possessions.
  • Dogs that can go for a walk or run with us and not be frightened by city sounds and sights.
  • Dogs that are able to stay on their own while we are away at work making a living, without tearing the house to shreds.
  • Dogs that do not bite anyone and that play nicely with other dogs.
  • Dogs that are able to live harmoniously in our homes and our communities.

Go ahead and make yourself a list of goals and objectives. Revisit as you go through the first 16 weeks of socializing and training and see how well you and your puppy are doing.

A Word about Gender

For simplicity, we refer to all puppies as he or him – this is in no way intended to insult all the female puppies out there!