Please refer to House Training for more information about the importance and benefits of crating your pup. There is no downside!

Although they are the least appealing to look at, metal wire crates are the most effective. They allow good air ventilation, can be easily cleaned, and allow the dog to look around. At times, if you would like to give the pup some added coziness, you can drape a blanket or old towel around part of the crate.

The crate should be big enough for the puppy to stand up, turn around, and lie down in. If you wish to get a crate that the puppy will grow into during the months that you employ it, use something to make the crate smaller while the puppy is young. Make sure it is not something the puppy could chew and hurt himself with. You can make a large crate smaller by using large plastic storage containers. When the puppy begins to outgrow, remove the material.