Keeping track of all the things you need to do with a puppy can be hard

Our step-by-step puppy training guide makes it easy.

This complete guide to training your puppy breaks down your steps, measures your progress, and keeps you motivated – even when you’re sleep-deprived! As with all our resources, we aim to add some calm and clarity to an experience that can initially be a bit overwhelming.

the front cover of the Ultimate Puppy Planner

Who can benefit from The Puppy Planner?

  • You’re getting a puppy and want to be prepared and have a plan.
  • You’ve already brought your puppy home and are looking for step-by-step guidance for training and problem solving.
  • You’re taking puppy socialization classes or lessons and want help putting what you’ve learned into action through structured games and activities.

What you get to help you raise your Ultimate Puppy Start Here from Puppy to Dream Dog
easy training plan page sample

Easy training plans

House-training (without the headache!) 

Settle in a crate 

A daily schedule 

How to socialize a puppy

…and more!

puppy must-haves! sample of the find it game

Puppy must-haves!

Fun activities and games – with benefits 

(think exercise, mental stimulation)

Managing and preventing pesky puppy problems like biting and grabbing off-limit items.

checklists and troubleshooting guides. socialization checklist worksheet

Checklists and troubleshooting guides

Bathroom training record keeping

Puppy biting

Pre-puppy house-proofing

Equipment shopping list


Puppy training schedule 

New puppy checklists printable PDF

Everything is included!


Choose your Puppy Planner!

We designed the Puppy Planner to be easy to use, no matter your style.

FAST ACCESS! The interactive PDF version – includes live fields and links you can use online. Your puppy’s progress is at your fingertips on your choice of device. If you prefer to work on paper – print it out and write your training progress and notes on the doc. CAD 15.95

Or get the handy hardcopy version shipped to youCAD 24.90

We love the great resources we are able to provide new puppy owners through Ultimate Puppy! If you want a resource for clients that encompasses all of puppy training, this is a go-to.”

-- -- Somerset Animal Hospital
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