Resources For Dog Pros

Puppy Training Resources for Dog Professionals

Dig in and find all the puppy training resources for dog pros you need to support your client‘s puppy development right here. Whether you are a veterinary clinic, a dog shelter, or run a puppy class, our materials are here to help you. Ultimate Puppy reinforces your message about the importance of early socialization and step-by-step puppy training. They say, “It takes a village to raise a child.” We believe  the same is true when raising a dog, so we offer puppy training resources aimed at fostering links between the veterinary community, responsible breeders, shelters, and accredited dog trainers.

If you love our puppy training resources be sure and check out the Handout Kit for R+ Trainers!

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social schedule checklist
Social Schedule Checklist

One of our most popular puppy training resources, the comprehensive puppy socialization checklist that can be printed out and checked off.

prevent checklist
Prevention Checklist

Prevention is a key strategy to attend to with a new puppy. Use this worksheet to stay organized and help prevent problem behaviours from developing. 

happy handling worksheet
Handling Handout

Use this handout to advance through handling exercises, track progress, and address any weak areas that need work. Have fun while tending to grooming.

happy nail trim aftercare
Happy Nail Trim Aftercare

Use this interactive aftercare nail trim sheet to build trust and comfort with routine nail care. Less stress for you and your team. Help yourself and add your branding (at the top).

puppy games 4 kids
Children-Friendly Games

We know how kids and puppies can be a tough combination. This handout includes 3 simple games for kids to play. Plus a DIY project. Download now, add your branding, & share with your clients. 

tug game plan
Tug Game Plan

Tips and tricks to maximize fun with tug. Have you noticed that many new dog folks don’t play or don’t play long enough to satisfy the pup? Designed to inspire, & provide tips for the best tug games ever. Add your branding, & share. 

Your Puppy’s Development Look Up Chart

Puppy Development Wall Chart

FAQ’s – Leaflet

Ultimate Puppy FAQ PDF

Use this quick access handout that provides clients with methods to troubleshoot most common puppy problems. Keep a copy behind the reception desk or close at hand. An excellent puppy training resource for dog pros.

Puppy Bytes – Subscription

puppy training ips subscription

A subscription to puppy training tips that come into a client’s email daily, a ‘byte’ of info in their inbox each weekday. The Ultimate Puppy Bytes are short training tips that are time sensitive and designed to help people and keep them interested in training a puppy during the critical first 8 to 16 week period in a new home. This subscription will help your clients stay creative and have fun while tending to the important training issues. When used along with our Ultimate Puppy training they provide a powerful approach to puppy rearing. Enjoy!

How to Use Ultimate Puppy

how to use ultimate puppy brochure

This brochure about the power of shows its key features and provides suggestions on how to use it – all listed in an at-a-glance leaflet. Please print it out or use the digital version with live links to the website.

Step-by-Step Puppy Program

step-by-step puppy training

Do you run a puppy class? Laid out in an easy-to-use format, we offer a step-by-step puppy training lesson plan based on Ultimate Puppy. There are no hard and fast rules regarding what should be done or when; however, we have placed what we believe are the most critical aspects of the puppy training at the beginning.