Puppy Training FAQ’s

We provide you with the most common puppy training FAQs and where to get help quickly. Our handout supplies your clients with tips to troubleshoot the puppy problems as they arise. Keep a copy behind the reception desk or close at hand.

Your clients will have access to a robust collection of resources so that raising their puppy will be as stress-free as possible and what better way to empower people than to help them solve their problems.

Ultimate Puppy FAQ PDF

Use the FAQs as a printed handout, or you can email it out as a PDF. The PDF’s are more robust as they take the reader back to specific areas of our site, giving them access to even more resources. 

We cover everything from nipping, biting, “bathroom” accidents, and destroying personal property—all the typical complaints and how they can be solved.

Another Useful Resource

Your Puppy’s Development wall chart is a puppy growth reference poster for use in exam rooms, waiting areas, and training centers. Anyone referring to the wall poster will quickly understand what stage of development their puppy is at and what they should be doing. The wall chart goes hand-in-hand with the puppy training FAQs. Get one by clicking here