How to Use Ultimate Puppy

Our ‘how to use’ Ultimate Puppy Guide demonstrates the key features of our site and provides suggestions, all listed in an at-a-glance leaflet. We have such a wide variety of resources and tools to help train puppies, this guide helps you find them all. Reinforce your message and help your clients learn how to train their puppy when it has the most impact. Please print the Ultimate Puppy Guide and use as a handout or email the digital version with live links to the website.

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Another Useful Resource

There is concrete evidence that investing the right kind of input and guidance in a dog during the first half year of his life has a significant positive impact on the future livelihood of that dog.

Check out our puppy socialization checklist. Get your clients on track with this early work. Our socialization checklist is broken down into categories to ensure their range is extensive. A puppy should experience a wide variety of people, places, sights, sounds and surfaces. The efforts made to do this help ensure that the dog is curious, confident and resilient throughout his life. As always, a puppy decides who and what he wants to meet. Our job is to ensure that he is comfortable and that the world is a fun and safe place to be.