Week 1 of Puppy Training

There are many reasons to start a pup’s education early. Above all, it keeps them healthy. Begin your Week 1 of puppy training with a mixture of the five areas of importance The most time-sensitive puppy work is listed first. Don’t be too stressed if you don’t do things in order. That is to say, it’s good to mix things up. Just don’t lose sight of what’s important.

STEP-BY-STEP PUPPY PLAN Week 1 of Puppy Training

Socialization is the process of developing positive associations with other people, other animals and situations. It prepares the puppy to be comfortable in the world he must navigate. 


Learn the significance of the 16-week window of opportunity when puppy training.See Development Poster, Birth-16 weeks
Begin the Socialization process.Go to: Socialization, Page 1
Understand the right way to do it.Go to: Socialization, “Seven Steps to Socialization”
Watch a demo of sounds and surfaces.Go to: YouTube, “Socialization, Sounds + Surfaces
Learn how to troubleshoot.Go to: Socialization “Tip: If Your Puppy is Frightened” & A Social Schedule
Week 1 of Puppy Training

There are behaviors that dogs will do naturally that can cause problems in our human world. Simple games and exercies go along way to help decrease the odds these behaviors will develope.


Learn how to prevent your puppy from running away when you need to lift himGo to: “Prepare a puppy to be lifted”
Learn about Food Bowl Safety (and Hand Feeding)Go to: Prevention, “Food Bowl and Hand Feeding Exercises”
Read up on Resource GuardingGo to: Prevention, “Trade You”
Flying Solo (puppy needs alone time)Go to: Prevention, “Flying Solo”
Week 1 of Puppy Training

Playing games with our dogs is essential and responsible. You might think, “They are games, how important can they be?” Think of them as enrichment for your new family member. Games contribute to your pup’s mental and physical well being. Dogs love to play. Games provide the opportunity for species-specific behaviors such as stalking, chasing and foraging. 


Play Tug… everyday! Watch: YouTube Ultimate Puppy’s Tugtorial
What are some of the greatest toys?
– how to use them
Watch: YouTube ”Ultimate Puppy’s Toytorial”
Learn Hide and Go Seek/Find it! GamesGo to: Games, “Hide & Go Seek and Its Variations”
Play Chase MeWatch: Youtube of how to play Chase Me
Week 1 of Puppy Training

Nothing beats early education. It is like working on a fresh unpainted canvas. The rewards of teaching a dog while she is still a puppy last the lifetime of the dog!

A dog’s life is enhanced when we take the time to teach them life skills. We are giving our dogs the skills they need in order to live with us harmoniously.

Life Skills

Learn how to keep your puppy checking in. Watch: UPYouTube ”Eye Contact Games”
Learn how to use the Release cue.Go to: Life Skills, “The Release”
Learn how to lure: Sit, Down and Stand sequence.Go to: Life Skills, “Sit, Down, & Stand”
Week 1 of Puppy Training

In Ultimate Puppy land we see House Training as including; potty, safe spot, and alone time training. These are some core skills that will ensure peaceful coexistence for all.

House Training

100% Management of time Go to: House Training, “Daily Routine — Why Structure is Important and How Dogs Learn, “100% Management”
Crate (or a safe spot) trainingGo to: House Training, Crate Training Page
Put Bathroom on cueGo to: House Training, “Bathroom on Cue”

Congratulations, you’re just completed your Week 1 of Puppy Training! Keep up the great work!! Click here to carry on to Week 2 of training your puppy.

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