How To Lift A Puppy

prepare your puppy to be lifted

With some forethought and a few simple skills, you can prevent your puppy from feeling uncomfortable as they are being lifted off the ground.

Overtime if we are not careful while lifting the pup they may try to escape from us or bite at our hands when we reach for them. Lifting a pup off the ground takes away their ability to choose.  This can cause them to feel very uncomfortable. To prevent it from developing, practice this simple exercise daily. Aim to do five repetitions a couple of times per day.

1. Hold a treat close to the pup’s nose so they can smell it.

2. Lure the puppy into a safe and comfortable position to lift him.

3. Cue the word ‘Lift’ as you pick the puppy up.

4. Feed the treat once the pup is comfortably in your arms.

Use these easy steps to prevent your puppy from feeling uneasy when being picked up. This exercise is simular to the handling exercises, so be sure to add it to your repertoire of exercises.