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Puppy training during the first 16 weeks of life will have a lasting impact. In this short period dogs go through roughly the same early development as a child does in their first five years. You don’t want to miss out on this! 

Find free puppy training resources along with tons of downloadable record keeping sheets and checklists to help you raise your ultimate puppy.

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Core Skills

When you have a new puppy you need to learn the why and how-to of 5 key areas: 

Socialization • Prevention • Games • Life Skills • House Training

Read articles, find downloadable worksheets, and photo illustrated instructions here. 

Step-by-step puppy training

New puppy blues? We have curated the first 4 weeks of puppy training for you.

Follow our plan or build your own. Watch videos and find downloadable worksheets to keep you on track here. 


How Dogs Learn

Understanding how your ultimate puppy learns is crucial – we’ll help you learn to speak dog. 

In this section you will find bite sized tips and easy exercises. Plus… a template that allows you to track and see your puppy’s progress in real time.

Puppy Development Chart

Learn what’s happening as your puppy matures. Having this insight allows you to anticipate and navigate each stage with better understanding and success.

Learn new things about dog development. Chocolate lab puppy watches a kitten touch his paw.


The Puppy Journals

A collection of articles to help you raise a happy, healthy puppy. You will find solutions for many common puppy challenges such as potty training, biting and jumping.


UP on YouTube

Watch puppy training videos here. Find solutions for puppy biting or potty training. Learn about puppy socialization or watch a longer video to help you prepare for a new puppy. 

We also have a fun Toytorial to help you find the best puppy toys!  

I work at the Bright’s Grove Animal Hospital. I have been teaching Puppy Socialization Classes for 15 years and have not seen anything as good as this!”

-- --Debbie Martin | Canadian White Shepherd Club, American White Shepherd Club
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