Core Skills

 “We get more instructions when we buy a dishwasher than when we get a puppy!”


A Happy Solution!

Ultimate Puppy was developed to provide you with an easy-to-use, fun, and effective, puppy training program. We have highlighted the core skills you need to focus on now. Attention to each category will help you begin to raise a wonderful canine companion for life.

How to think about the core skills

To help make it simple we have broken down the early puppy training essentials into the five core areas you should focus on right now. There is a lot of information on this website. Take advantage of the search feature (upper right corner) to find specifics.

Why develop these skills early as part of your puppy training program?

Actively take a thoughtful and strategic approach to time-sensitive core skills such as socialization and prevention. Giving proactive early attention to what matters now is one of the best approaches to preventing future challenges. We strongly recommend that you spend time on relationship building. Use elements of exploration and play. Use positive reinforcement in the form of treats, toys, and games liberally! Learn about canine enrichment and how to attend to your new puppy’s needs. Take your time and savor puppy life. It goes by in a flash.

Where to find the core skills and what they are

Learn how to successfully socialize your puppy to help ensure he is comfortable with whatever life brings his way.

Practice simple exercises that will aid in preventing common problem behaviors like guarding toys or not being comfortable with nail trims.

Play fun, bond-building games so your puppy is never bored. Creating an enriched environment will have a positive effect on a adolesent dog. Enjoy building this skill as part of your puppy program.

A photographically illustrated, easy-to-follow program that uses positive reinforcement to teach the basics like coming when called, leash walking, sitting and lying down on cue.

Clear, simple instructions to help potty train your puppy. And teach him how to be calm in the house.

There’s More!

We have curated a four-week puppy training program for you! Use our Step-by-Step training plan. This will make it easy to keep the core skills in play as your go through the early weeks with your new puppy.