Week 2 of Puppy Training


This is Week 2 of Puppy Training. With the first week of socializing your puppy under your belt you should be feeling a bit more confident, and hopefully having some fun at the same time. Your work is not finished yet. Read on and see how you can add to your socialization efforts.


Refine your socializationWatch this Youtube: Socialization Deconstructed
Exposure to objects that move or
make sounds, including:
– a motorized toy, a skateboard, etc.
Introduce your pup to loud noise: Turn
up the volume: Bang pots, slam doors, play MTV loud (don’t frighten the pup)
Concentrate on known problems
Use: A Social Schedule

Ask your veterinarian what‘s important to her or him when it comes to training a dog. You may be surprised to learn how much they will appreciate that you are doing handling exercises with your puppy.


Begin working on Handling ExercisesGo to: Prevention, Handling Exercises Page
Start ”Child Proofing” gamesGo to: Prevention, “Children and Dogs”
Trade YouGo to: Prevention, “Trade You”

The absolutely great thing about playing games with you puppy is that it helps tie all your training together and keep things fun at the same time. Dive into the list below and get at it.


Drop itGo to: Games, “Drop It”
Soft Mouth Progress
Review Resource Guarding
Flying Solo
Teach your puppy Follow meGo to: Games, “Follow Me”

Generally, when people think of puppy training they are thinking of Life Skills. They want a dog that sits when asked, doesn’t pull on a leash, etc. This is a reminder to you that these skills, while important, are not time sensitive. So do keep that in mind as you go along.

Life Skills

Walking your Dog: Luring
Go to: Life Skills, “Walking Your Dog: Luring”
Teach a hand target Watch:: Ultimate Puppy’s YouTube Teach a hand target
Review Sit, Down, and Stand – Indoors/outdoorsGo to: Life Skills, Sit, Down & Stand Page

The best piece of advise is have a plan and stick to it!

House Training

Re-Examine “Puppy Proofing” the house Read House Training, “Puppy-Proof Your House”
Watch this: Youtube on Crate Games

Congratulations, you’re just completed week 2 of puppy training! Keep up the great work!! Click here to carry on to Week 3 of puppy training.

Rating: 5 out of 5.