Sit, Down & Stand Cues

To teach your pup to sit, have a treat in your hand, held between your thumb and index finger. The pup should be able to smell the treat but not grab it out of your hand.

First, get the pup’s attention and give him a little taste of the treat. Once he is a willing participant, you are ready to start.

With the pup’s nose against your finger, bring your hand backward in a slight arc, over the puppy’s head towards his tail. The puppy’s nose and eyes will follow the treat causing him to plunk backward and naturally sit.

Once the pup’s butt hits the ground, say good and feed a treat.

Step backward inviting the pup towards you or toss a treat to get the pup up and repeat a few times.

This is a fun gam to try! Once your pup knows the moves, try standing in differnt spots while asking him to sit or down. Stand in front of your puppy, stand to the right or left. Try it while sitting in a chair, then try lying down and asking the puppy to lie down too.


To start it may be easier to get the pup into a down while he is sitting.
With your pup in a sit and a treat in between your thumb and index finger and your pup’s nose sniffing the treat, bring the treat down towards the pup’s front paws.
As you move be sure the pup’s nose stays close to your hand.

Once the pup lies down, say good and feed a treat.

Once your pup lies down easily from a sit, try it from a stand. In the same way, bring a treat down from the pup’s nose in between his two front paws.

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • Fade the lure from your hand quickly.
  • Use a fake out lure, then say good and feed a treat from the other hand.
  • Avoid practicing on hard, cold, or wet surfaces.
  • If the pup is having trouble try a soft, slightly elevated surface.


With the pup in a sit and his nose focused on a treat in between thumb and index finger, bring the treat forward in a straight line so that the pup follows and naturally stands.

As he stands say good and feed a treat.

Repeat a few times.

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • If the pup doesn’t move or jumps up, try lowering your hand as you bring it away from him.
  • Fade the lure after a few repetitions and try with an open hand, fingertips to the ground, and open palm toward the pup.