The Release

One of the first things to teach your puppy is the release cue. It is easy to teach. It helps you communicate to the puppy where you are in a session or when to finish a particular behavior, such as a down.

What is a Release?

It is exactly what it sounds like, a break from whatever it is that you are working on. 

It lets the pup know that right now they don’t have to pay close attention. It means that the dog can do whatever he wants and does not have to be tuned into you. Popular words to use that signal the release are ‘OK’, ‘Break’, or ‘Free’. Of course, you can always come up with your own. 

Why is the Release so important?

The release is significant, it may formally signal the end of a particular teaching session or signal to the puppy when to move from certain positions. For example a sit or a down. This will be helpful when you start to teach the puppy to stay for short periods of time. 


As you step backward, say your release cue (OK! Break, or Free) and lure the puppy towards you.


Your intonation should be enthusiastic and happy.

Break frequently from what you are teaching. Work in short sessions of a minute or two. Release with a game of tug. This makes for a fun session, along with one happy dog! : )


Life Skills: Basic Exercises

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The following are helpful exercises to teach your puppy; walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stand, and come when you call. These are useful behaviors that help puppies navigate our complex world.