Week 4 of Puppy Training


Three weeks down! Week 4 of puppy training starts now. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your socialization efforts to date. Your work is not done. Keep going.


Worth reviewing…Watch: Youtube Socialization Deconstructed
Exposure to variety of obstacles, including:
– different surfaces, car rides, construction sites, 
public transit if you live in the city, etc.

In Week 4 of puppy training, the prevention is all about rince and repeat. Practice everthing you have learned. Get good at it. Build confidence in your puppy.


Learn how to do Scary Monster
Go to: Prevention, “Scary Monster”
Review, review, review!
– Focus on problem areas
To help you stay on track with all the exercises use our Prevention Checklist worksheet.
Start working on Extended Sit & DownGo to: Life Skill,
“Extending the Sit and Down”


Learn the Jackpot GameWatch: Youtube Crate Training Games – Jackpot (hint: this is awesome for House Training)

Life Skills

Start working on Extended Sit & DownGo to: Life Skill,
“Extending the Sit and Down”
Learn about a Workable Program
– Schedule of re-enforcement
Go to: How Dogs
Learn, “A Workable Program”
UseThis nifty Worksheet for A Workable Program
– Calling the puppy

House Training

Learn how long puppies should stay crated as they grow into mature dogs Go to: House Training, Crate Training Page
– Concentrate on problem areas
Check Your Puppy’s Development: Maturity/What You Should Be

Congratulations, you’re just completed Week 4 of Puppy Training! Keep up the great work!! You’ve just got rolling. If you enjoy the training, enrol in a class. These days there is so much to choose from and a lot of fun to be had. Check here for some reliable sources.

Rating: 5 out of 5.