Step-by-Step Puppy Plan

We receive frequent requests for a Step-by-Step plan to training with Ultimate Puppy.

This Weekly Training Guide is a lesson plan for anyone who has just brought home a new pup. It can also be used by professionals who want to use our step-by-step puppy program. There are no hard and fast rules regarding what gets done in which order or when. We have placed what we believe are the most critical aspects of the training at the beginning.

First Week of Training

Second Week of Training

Third Week of Training

Fourth Week of Training

If you’ve just got a new puppy and are planning to use our step-by-step puppy guide, please be aware that it is not a substitute for your attendance in a well-run puppy class. There is hard evidence that early puppy socialization is a crucial component of raising a healthy dog. The best place to do this is at a well-run class, which provides vital dog-to-dog socialization in a controlled environment. Puppy class also offers coaching and guidance from an experienced professional who has seen hundreds of puppies and their training needs. A good puppy class can help you achieve success. We wish you the best of luck with your new puppy!