How Dogs Learn

A basic understanding of how dogs learn is helpful for you as you raise your pup.

A dog learns from the consequences of his actions. Whether the action pays off or whether it doesn’t, something will still be learned. If it works out well for the pup, a behavior is likely to be repeated. A key thing to keep in mind is that your puppy is always learning whether you are involved or not. Arranging an environment so the puppy is most likely to make the decisions you want is a smart way to help set your pup up to be successful.

Left to their own devices, dogs can learn how to do lots of things that may prevent them from living and moving peacefully through life with us humans. Ultimate Puppy puts a strong emphasis on being involved in what the puppy learns so that you end up with a dog that has what we call life skills

Used well, puppy gates, food stuffed toys/chews and no skid mats can be helpful teaching aids.

Many factors can affect the dog’s ability to learn, including the environment, the pup’s emotional and physical health, and the pup’s relationship with the person who is teaching him.