You’re Lucky You’re Cute – Puppy Planning Webinar and Ebook

Do you need help planning for a new puppy?

You’re Lucky You’re Cute is your go-to webinar for a step-by-step puppy training guide! The addition of a puppy to your family is exciting and fun, but puppies can also be super challenging. We have coached, counseled, and consoled thousands of new dog parents through this transition. People who take the time to do thoughtful pre-puppy prep are without a doubt more mentally prepared for both the fun and the challenge of what is to come. 

  • Are getting a puppy and want to be prepared and have a plan.
  • Are waiting for the arrival of your puppy and want to know what you need before you bring them home. 
  • Have just brought a puppy home and want to know how to get through the first few days and beyond. 

A solid foundation now means a lifetime of enjoyment!

Our step-by-step approach makes it easy and ensures you don’t miss a single detail!

Plus, as a bonus, you will get our free e-book and video demos. You will be ready to roll with:

  • pre puppy prep - so you can relax and enjoy - no last minute trips to the store!
  • the car ride home - your pup’s first trip with you will lead to a lifetime of fun car adventures.
  • the first night - so everyone sleeps better.
  • tips on how to spend your first few days together - let the fun begin! 

 Get the webinar and ebook for 15.95

What you get:

The “You’re Lucky You’re Cute” Puppy Planning Video

Thoughtfully introducing your puppy to the world around him is life changing.  – Syd

Video demonstrations of:

  • Bathroom training
  • Crate introduction games
  • Teaching come
  • Teaching offered check-ins
  • Teaching sit
  • Early exploration
  • Meeting new people
  • Introducing new toys

Comprehensive Support Material in the ebook

Includes training plans, supply lists, our top picks for toys, and fun training tips for the first few days.

If you do only one thing to prepare for your new puppy, make it this puppy prep webinar!

Join Sydney Bleicher, KPA-certified training partner, Certified Fear Free Professional, and learn the essentials to help you through the homecoming transition. The price is only 15.95 CAD

A great resource for a breeder to share with puppy-buyers, or to include as a gift on the day the puppy goes home with its new family.”

(Read review of “You’re Lucky You’re Cute” online puppy planning video)

-- Kara Graves of the Australian Shepherd Journal, Official Publication of the United States Australian Shepherd Association.

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