In and Out

The progression of these exercises will go as follows:

  • On and off of the couch, reinforce for getting off the couch.
  • On and off of the bed, reinforce for getting off the bed.
  • In and out of the kitchen, reinforce for leaving the kitchen.
  • On and off of an examination table, reinforce for being lifted and placed on a table.
  • In and out from under furniture, reinforce for coming out from underneath.

Place your pup under a low table and then ignore him.


Invite the pup out from under the table.
Celebrate him coming out from under the table with a fabulous game of hide-and-go-seek!


Teach your puppy that it always pays to get out or off of a spot that he may deem important.

  • Repeat this exercise often, practicing with locations specific to your own situation.
  • Do not omit these exercises just because you do not plan to ever allow your dog on the furniture.
  • You will physically put the puppy on a table to simulate a vet examination. (Please read the Simulated Vet Exam for a more comprehensive description of this particular exercise.)
  • Be mindful of high couches and beds and prevent the puppy from jumping off on their own. Create a stepping platform with cushions.