In and Out

The progression of these exercises will go as follows:

  • On and off of the couch, puppy gets rewarded for getting off the couch.
  • On and off of the bed, puppy gets rewarded for getting off the bed.
  • In and out of the kitchen, puppy is rewarded for leaving the kitchen.
  • On and off of an examine table, puppy is rewarded for being put on a table.
  • In and out from under furniture, puppy is rewarded for coming out from underneath.

Place your pup under a low table and then ignore him.


Coax the pup out from under the table.
Celebrate him coming out from under the table with a fabulous game of hide and go seek!


You need to teach your puppy that it always pays to get out or off of a spot that he may deem desirable.

  • Repeat this exercise often, practicing on any locations specific to your own doggie situation.
  • Do not omit these exercises just because you do not plan to ever allow your dog on the furniture.
  • Do not lure the puppy with food or move him yourself. Coax him verbally, use an animated voice and body posture if need be, save the food and the physical contact for rewards.
  • You will physically put the puppy on a table to simulate a vet examination. (Please read the Simulated Vet Exam for a more comprehensive description of this particular exercise.)