Lost Opportunities…
Look Familiar?

Puppy eats alone, in the kitchen, out of a food bowl. Not only is this a wasted opportunity in which you could use the food in a fun and productive way, it is potentially setting up your pup to grow up guarding his food dish. It is possible that this dog will grow up to snarl, growl, or bite at anyone who approaches too closely while he is eating. This can be very dangerous.

7:00 am

7:00 am

7:00 am

12:00 noon

5:00 pm

5:00 pm

Educate, Motivate and Stimulate!

Socializing with a toddler


Food bowl exercise


Working on a “down”


Playing Hide and Go Seek

Maximize every morsel! Use Your Puppy’s daily food intake for rewards during training

Every dog needs to eat a certain amount of food each day. Use your puppy’s daily intake of food to socialize him, do preventative styled exercises, play games, and ensure junior obedience are done. It can be helpful to divide and pre-measure your pup’s daily food in advance so that you do not over or under feed your dog. Also, if you are using a high grade treat (such as dried liver or cheese) be sure to compensate by reducing your puppy’s daily feed.