TIP: If Your Puppy Appears Frightened
If at any time your puppy appears to be frightened (tries to pull away, tucked tail, ears back, won’t take a treat).

Follow The Guidelines Below: The Puppy Decides!

  1. Never lure your pup toward a person or situation that they don’t want to go toward.
  2. Move away from the person or place until the puppy appears comfortable (his body language will tell you).
  3. Start from this point to build up the pup’s confidence, or scrap it, no need to push.
  4. Jolly him up with a silly voice, a treat, or a game, and watch for him to ‘shake it off’ like water from the lake after a swim.
  5. Be sure your puppy is on the ground when meeting people, not in your arms. You will miss his body language cues as well as prevent him from moving away from the person if he doesn’t want to interact with them.
  6. When you are able to safely have your puppy on a long line do it. More space for him to choose where he wants to move is always preferable.