Puppy Bytes: Subscription

For the last two decades, our Puppy Bytes – daily tips have been successfully helping people through the first weeks of their dog’s life. Clients sign up to receive a ‘byte’ of info in their inbox each day. The puppy bytes – daily tips, are short training pointers that are time-sensitive and designed to help rear a puppy during the first 8 to 16 weeks. The quick tips will help your clients stay creative and have fun while tending to the essential training issues. When used along with our other training resources, they provide a powerful approach to puppy rearing.

By all means, you can audit the Puppy Bytes – Daily Tips to ensure you are happy with the content before recommending them. Note that the subscription runs for nine weeks and then ends. The Puppy Bytes: subscription covers a puppy’s critical period of development between eight and 16 weeks of age. Enroll Here.


puppy bytes - daily tips

Another Useful Resource

Use our puppy development wall chart in vet clinic exam rooms, waiting room areas, and training centres. Anyone referring to the wall chart will quickly understand what stage of development their puppy is and what they should be doing. Get one by clicking here

Note: we respect your privacy and will never share your mailing or email address with anyone. *Limit of 3 wall charts per organization. Distribution limited to North America only (for now).