If There are Two Dogs in the Home

Should there happen to be more than one dog in the home, it is imperative that you work with your puppy independently of the other dog(s), even if that other dog is a puppy. The two dogs should be socialized separately and trained separately. There are two main reasons for this. The ideal situation is for your dogs to bond strongly with you. If the two dogs spend too much time together, particularly if they are litter mates, they stand a chance of bonding more with each other than with you.

Also, if two puppies are socialized together, one may be inhibited during this process in the presence of the other pup. This could undermine a lot of your hard work and nullify the puppy’s socialization. Having two dogs in the home can work out fine with a bit of thought and planning.

Rest assured that your puppies will have plenty of time to hang out together and become great pals!

Have Fun and Get Silly

Although our goals are of an important nature, the main reason we adopt dogs is to enhance our lives. As you go through all the exercises on this site remember to relax, have fun, and get silly! Don’t forget, dogs love to play!