Recall: The Golden Rules

Always work in an environment that is secure for your puppy. Use a long line, good food, and a tug toy. Recall: the golden rules are as follows.

  1. Never punish your dog for coming to you, no matter how long it may have taken him to get there.
  2. Only call when you know your puppy WILL come running.
  3. Always give your puppy a treat for coming – or, even better, 5 tiny treats.
  4. Your body posture counts – Bend down or squat and open your arms or run away from them.
  5. Keep your intonation positive, and smile when you call them.  A rapidly repeated high-pitched sound or call such as pup-pup-puppy is often attractive to a puppy.
  6. Avoid chasing your puppy.
  7. Running in the opposite direction away from the puppy, clapping your hands, and acting as silly as possible, will usually get him chasing you!
  8. Release the pup quickly and enthusiastically after he has come back to you. “Go Play!”
  9. Be mindful of what happens after you call your puppy. It should be something they enjoy.