Recall: The Golden Rules

Always work in an environment that is secure for your puppy. Employ the use of a long line or work in an empty tennis court for added safety. Always reinforce your puppy with food he loves!

  1. Never under any circumstances punish your dog for coming to you, no matter how long it may have taken him to get there!
  2. Take hold of your dog’s collar when he gets to you. At the same time, offer him a treat. Release immediately.
  3. When you call your pup to come, shout ‘good!’ as soon as he makes eye contact with you. This will help get the pup coming to you more quickly.
  4. Bend down or squat and open your arms to look warm and inviting as they start running towards you.
  5. Your voice should never sound angry or uninviting. You can change it depending on whether or not you need to ham it up a bit with some high-pitched silliness and animation.
  6. In the beginning, do not be too concerned with the pup coming and sitting directly in front of you. This is something that you can perfect later if it is important to you.
  7. Avoid chasing your puppy.
  8. Running in the opposite direction away from the puppy, clapping your hands, and acting as silly as possible, will usually get him chasing you!
  9. Release the pup quickly and enthusiastically after he has come back to you. “Go Play!”
  10. Call that pup to do something fun, not for something that he’s not going to like.