Rainbow Park Dogs – Laika

“Laika is really, really well behaved. I’ve had dogs before, but she has been a surprise because she is real smart. I got her at 8 weeks of age. By three months old she was completely house trained. No surprises. She was named after the first dog that went to space. The Russian mission, before the… View Article

Rainbow Park Dogs – Sage & Laika

“These two have become best friends… we met at the park. Laika is a 5 month old Husky/Belgian Shepherd… she’s a couple of weeks older than Sage. They are real pals. We often meet up so that they can play together. A lot of folks think they are the same dog. I’ll be walking around the Village… View Article

Rainbow Park Dogs – Sage

“This is Sage. She is 4 and half months old and she’s a Border Collie. I grew up with dogs… Border Collies. But this is my first dog. She likes to jump off the dock. That’s what we’re learning right now… and she likes digging. But I think when she’s older, I want to get her into Search… View Article

Rainbow Park Dogs – German Shepherd

While out on the dock I met a gentleman and his German Shepherd puppy. I asked if it was okay to take some pictures which he was fine with, but when I asked him if he had time to chat he graciously declined, stating that he wanted to stay focused on his dog. And I… View Article

Rainbow Park Dogs – Henry

“Henry was 8 weeks old when I got him. He’s now a year and half old. We got him from a Native Reservation in Pemberton. He’s actually a M.C.S., a Mount Currie Special. We got him from WAG [Whistler Animals Galore]. There were 9 puppies in a box at the side of the road… When… View Article