Rainbow Park

  Whistler has some great parks and is a super place to bring a dog. Rainbow Park is one of them. You can access it by bike path, water or car. The dog park is carefully designed with it’s own beach and swimming dock, complete with a ramp for the dogs to exit the water. I… View Article

Fairview horseshoe – Patterdale Terrier

“We got him as a ‘Rescue’. He’s a Patterdale Terrier. A lot like a terrier when he’s out of doors but very relaxed and settled at home. We love him, he’s been a fabulous dog for us. We take him everywhere.”

Iggy & friends at Bar Jules in Hayes Valley

Brunch at Bar Jules is the right way to start Sunday … a dog-eat-dog event, where if you sit on the patio you might spot a celeb. Herge’s Adventures of Tin Tin star Snowy put in a brief appearance… what a thrill. Iggy, Snowy and friends provided an entertaining background to great meal. “His name is Iggy, like Iggy… View Article

Nova a new star on the beach (2)

“You know, I travel 3 out of 4 weeks for work so, and I’m kind of changing jobs right now, but part of it is staying home and settling a little bit here. And it’s hard because now every time someone asks me to do something I at least say… “do I have to go? Normally I just… View Article

Taking it on the Road!

Taking a puppy on an outing requires preparation – set yourself up with a knapsack, ideal because it’s hands free. Pack extra treats and don’t forget the toys!! Fill a thermos with water and bring a collapsible water dish.  The long line allows room for your pup to run, but with insurance. Don’t forget bags for picking… View Article