Departure Bay – Meet the Family

I’m on vacation with my family, waiting in line for BC Ferry to take us from Vancouver Island to the mainland when I spot a young man sitting with a dog in the open cargo bay of the car ahead of us. So I grab my camera and ask if I can chat with him. As… View Article

Taste of the Danforth – Baxter

“This is Baxter and he is 7 months old… It’s definitely life changing! It’s like a kid. Definitely, definitely in a positive way. A lot of work. A trade-off, but it‘s rewarding. He’s part of the family. He’s become a real personality. We love him.”

The Taste of the Danforth – Nimbus

“We are out here specifically to do some work. There are a lot of distractions out here. Every once in a while I want him to focus on me. I will ask for a ‘down’ or a ‘sit’. I want him to do it despite all the distractions.” “It’s made me more mature. I have… View Article

Taste of the Danforth

The Taste of the Danforth is one of Canada’s largest street festivals, welcoming 1.5 million people over the course of a summer weekend in August. The concept of the festival began when a number of local competitors decided to get together and participate in what is now known as a “co-op or coalition advertising”. There are dozens… View Article

Yonge & Summerhill – Hat Lady

“It’s never the dog that’s the problem. Train the person, not the dog. Please quote me on that!”