The power of step-by-step puppy training

You’ve got a puppy, now what? Learn the power of step-by-step puppy training and beat the new puppy blues! 

Whether you’ve already welcomed your puppy or are about to, we help you make the introduction smoother. 

Ultimate Puppy is broken down into easy to digest goals, including the Webinar You’re Lucky You’re Cute that teaches you about the Three Key Pillars of puppy raising. Focusing on the Three Key Pillars helps you build a solid foundation and from there the sky’s the limit!

Sign up today. Your puppy won’t wait. 

The Webinar includes loads of support material including: How to Videos, Bathroom Training Plans, Supply Lists, Our Top Picks for Toys, and Training Tips For The First Few Days Together.

Why choose Ultimate Puppy?

Training a puppy during the first 16 weeks of his life will have a lasting impact. In this short period dogs go through roughly the same development experiences that children encounter in their first five years.

It’s nice to live with a happy, well-adjusted dog. Now is the time to thoughtfully teach foundation behaviors which in turn decrease the chances of serious damage control later on.

We believe in having fun and living the best life possible. Why not offer the same life for our dogs?

We’re committed to your success. You’ll receive unlimited access to the You’re Lucky You’re Cute webinar. Watch and review as many times as you like.

All YLYC resources are yours to keep and use while you raise your ultimate puppy. 

step-by-step puppy planner

Fetch you step-by-step puppy planner

Keeping track of all the things you need to do with a puppy can be hard. Our Complete puppy training plan:

• breaks down your steps.

• measures your progress.

• keeps you motivated.

It brings calm and clarity to an often overwhelming experience.

Choose your puppy planner:

Train With Syd from Ultimate Puppy

Would you like additional support? Work with Syd one-on-one via live, online classes to get personalized help for your puppy. If you would like more information please get in touch at

Additional Resources

Step-by-Step Weekly Training Guide

Use this to stay focused on puppy-friendly priorities.

Puppy Development Chart

Use this chart to quickly see what stage of development your puppy is in and what you should be doing. The chart will help you understand how your puppy develops both mentally and physically. This is a great place to start your step-by-step puppy training

Puppy FAQs

The Most Common Puppy Problems… and Where to Find Answers on our Site.

Training Tips – step-by-step

Sign up for Puppy Bytes to get daily training tips via email. Get time-sensitive, guided puppy training information, exercises, and fun games.