Ultimate Puppy

“We get more instructions when we buy a dish washer than when we get a puppy!”

A happy solution

Ultimate Puppy was developed to provide you with an easy-to-use training tool.

Using Ultimate Puppy Training

Ultimate Puppy is broken down into five basic learning sections:

Socialization and Prevention should be your key focus as they are time sensitive.

Socialization: Learn how to socialize your puppy successfully to our complex environment.

Prevention: Provides simple exercises that prevent your puppy from developing common behavioral problems.

Games: Fun, motivating and stimulating games to play with your puppy.

Life Skills: A photographically illustrated, easy-to-follow program that uses positive reinforcement to teach the basics.

House Training: Clear simple instructions to help you teach your puppy good bathroom habits..

We’ve also provided a section called Step-by-Step that suggests a week-by-week program that you can follow and that draws on the five basic learning sections, integrating age-appropriate Socialization, Prevention, Games, Life Skills and House Training exercises. If you have the time, we’d suggest reading the learning sections before you bring your pup home and then using Step-by-Step to help you actually train.