Denise McLean – Testimonials

“As a breeder, I’m always looking for good information for new puppy buyers. I looked over the Toolkit before giving it to a friend to review and use. I was impressed in that it provided a positive approach to training, had great references and was easy to read and use. Not only did it cover everything that I would want a new puppy owner to know, there was nothing in the kit that I didn’t agree with! The friend that I gave it to said “I highly recommend this kit to anyone, or any family that has never had a puppy before as well as to those that have had one, but not for a long time. It was great and fast reading with little or no grey areas and has enabled us, a family that had 2 dogs over and 18 year period, to get re-prepared for the new puppy, especially my son who has never experienced his own puppy.” The TOOLKIT is now REQUIRED READING for ALL my puppy buyers.”

Denise McLean | Greyghost Weimaraners British Columbia, Canada

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