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“Hi! Saw your note on Berner-L about socialization. We’re big fans of the “puppy toolkit”. It’s a box full of booklets, poster, etc.. that offers concrete activities, games, advice, and schedules for socializing your puppy. It is easy to follow, has lots of pictures, and best of all—is FUN for you and the pup. We found out about it from the Purdue university veterinary School behavioral clinic trainers. Take a look at We’ve even used some of the training tips on our 2 year old berner, and she is paying attention better and we have eliminated a couple of non- serious, but annoying habits she had been allowed (by us!!) to adopt. We heard that some vets and some breeders are providing the kits to new pup owners, but we bought our kit ourselves online. Hope this is helpful.”

Mark Stephenson, Ph.D., Carol Stephenson, Ph.D. | Buckeye Bernese Mountain Dogs Ohio, USA

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