What Does Your Groomer Know That You Don’t?

Why It’s Essential to Have a Dialogue with Your Groomer

Is a groomer part of your puppy dream team? Are you having regular conversations with them about how your puppy feels during appointments? Your groomer spends extended periods of time with your puppy without you there. They know the details when it comes to your pup’s comfort level on a grooming table. This is important information for you too. Did you know that it is common for a puppy to be stressed with routine grooming? In particular, many dogs are uncomfortable with nail trims.

We’ve Made it Easy for You!

Ask your groomer for feedback using this handout. Take it to your next visit, or email it to them, so they can fill it out for you. The easy scoring method allows them to provide you with pertinent information and specifics regarding the pup’s comfort level. This info then allows you to focus your efforts where they are needed.

Team Work!

Simple efforts from you between visits to the groomer (or vet clinic) will help your puppy feel more comfortable during appointments. For example, it may be that your pup is okay with having his front paws worked on but is uneasy with the back paws. This initiative ensures your pup learns to be comfortable with routine grooming and it’s also a wonderful and responsible way to team up with your groomer.

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