Follow Me

Follow me is a fun and easy exercise. The value of this exercise, besides conditioning the dog to stick close by, is that it helps to build the dog’s focus and attention on you. This will be of enormous value in real life situations.

Ensure that you are animated and unpredictable when you play this game.

You become this wonderfully exciting person; the puppy should never know what will happen next, which way you will go, what wonderful surprise he may receive.

Ensure that you are animated, unpredictable, and that you don’t lose your pup’s attention, even for a split second! There can be many variations of this game, where you play it, what you use as a toy or treat. Another variable is the number and level of distractions that are present.

TIP: Follow Me and How it Relates to Life Skills

Play Follow Me to help teach your puppy how to walk with you, to stick close to you, and to pay attention to you.

This is a great game to help build the Recall. Insert the word come to excite the pup to follow you. You will not need to repeat it over and over, just when you move off in opposite directions and the pup is in hot pursuit of you.


Armed with toys and treats you want your puppy to chase you.
Run and walk in different directions.
Squeal with delight and tantalize the pup with your silliness and excitement.
Dart left then right, stop, whip out a toy and play a game (retrieve, hide and go seek), end it after a few seconds.


Then off you go again, stop, have the pup sit and reward him with a tasty treat.
Walk slowly and keep that pup focused on you.
Stop. Have the puppy lie down and give him a good belly rub if that is something he loves.


Take off again, this time running around a tree or a dining room table.
Stop, pull out a juicy bone for pup to gnaw on, let him chomp on that for a few minutes.
Take the bone away, and off you go again….
Once again, take the basic principles of this game and make them your own. Be sure to use the rewards that are especially appealing to your pup. Have fun!

The Rules
  1. Your puppy should never be permitted to jump up on you and tear at your flesh or clothing. If this happens, the game is over! Be neutral about this. In other words, don’t get emotional. Bring your excitement level down a notch when you start the game the next time.
  2. If you have a real wild pup you may never need to tear about and act excessively excited, as this will entice the pup to get too wild and jump and bite at you, which is a big no-no!
  3. Remember to end this game before the pup loses interest. If this happens you have played too long!
  4. Never let the pup get left behind. If he is interested and isn’t keeping up, you may be moving too quickly away from him. Slow the pace down a little.
  5. Keep toys and treats tucked away.

For a pup who is not terribly interested in chasing you, this is a very important game to nail! Squeaky toys are usually a sure-fire bet to get the dog interested.