Long lines


A long line is a wonderful piece of equipment. Whenever you are in an environment where you feel comfortable and safe to use one, these lines will give you the freedom to have fun and train. Combined with great training and yummy treats they can also help stop a puppy from pulling on the leash. When a pup has more room to move there is less of a chance of pulling.

Get a biothane line and learn how to use it. It is an essential piece of equipment to have in your puppy-raising toolbox. I recommend investing in a couple of different lengths, 10 or 12 feet as well as a 20 or 30 footer.

Watch a short tutorial on long lines on our Ultimate Puppy YouTube channel.

I get mine custom-made from Trail Blazing Tails or Dog Walkies. Crafted to suit my particular needs. They may also be available at your local pet supply store.

5 Reasons To Get a Long Line & Learn How to Use it

Besides being more fun to go on walks with than a shorter line, here are some other things to use one for:

Freedom – more room to move, sniff and explore!

Sniffing – results from an interesting study found that the longer the line the more the dog sniffed. Sniffing is important for your puppy’s health.

Socialization – using a longer line gives a puppy the space to navigate each situation with less of a chance of experiencing a tight leash.

Calling your puppy to come – spread out with a 20-foot line and practice calling your puppy to come away from distraction.

Games – play ‘find it’ and toss a ball easily.

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