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My make-believe puppy Petronilla has shared a bio. What is the point of this fanciful canine caper? A look at life from your pup’s view.

When Petronilla writes about herself she doesn’t list going for leisurely walks on a busy sidewalk as her favorite way to spend an afternoon. She might also not be that into snuggling.

If she were to write a resume she would not list sit, down, and stay as qualifications. Her puppy skills include superpower sniffing abilities, champion chewer and, sharp teeth. Past experience, um, not much, I’m only 10 weeks old. 

Petronilla’s Particulars May Go Something Like This

Name – Petronilla Puppypants 

Age – 10 weeks 

Hi! I’m cute, small, and busy. I have puppy breath that will make you swoon. I love chasing, sniffing, and tasting everything. 

I’m looking for someone patient and interested in learning about me. I’m probably not going to start out terribly interested in the things you want me to do but, if you have yummy cookies and toys I might learn to enjoy doing these things and get good at them too. 

I like spending lots of time together and going on sniffaris. Let’s play tug and, hide and seek. If I get really excited and feel comfortable, I may bite you. If I get overtired, I may bite you. Heck, you can probably just count on me biting you. At least this way you won’t be surprised when it happens. 

I won’t judge you, but if you are rough when you handle me and always take my stuff, I may become uncomfortable with the situation. 

Looking for a lifelong commitment. Serious suitors only. 

What Does A Puppy Need?

Along with teaching your puppy all the things you are excited to teach them, it is also important to understand what they find fulfilling. Beyond healthy meals, water, and shelter there are other activities and experiences that are daily necessities. When you take the time to meet the needs of your puppy you are not only enriching their life, you also take a step toward preventing behavior you don’t want.

Dog Days

Reject the notion that 2 square meals in a bowl in the kitchen and a walk to the local dog park are all your dog needs! Learn more, teach well, have fun. If you have a new pup sign up for the our training tips, Ultimate Puppy Bytes.

photo credit: Anna Shvets

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