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Key to a Puppy’s Future

  The majority of people turn to their veterinary team not only for the physical health of their new pup but for guidance on behavior, training and nutrition as well. How much of an impact do veterinary technicians have on a puppy’s future? They can play a significant role in determining what kind of early education people… View Article

An Important Step

    Sydney has recently graduated from and become certified with the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy. Dog training is an unregulated business with highly variable levels of education and training ability. Professional certification from schools like the Karen Pryor Academy and the work of associations like the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Certification Council for Professional… View Article

What’s the trail to your mail?

Puppy Bytes subscription gone missing? Have you enrolled in the Ultimate Puppy Bytes but you’re not receiving them? Several people miss out every month on their subscription when it goes directly to their spam folder. Putting our email address in your Contact Manager will solve the problem.   Thanks for subscribing and enjoy!

3 easy steps to use our website

What’s the best way to use the website? We get asked this question more and more often so here are 3 easy steps to get you started. Step 1: Your Puppy’s Development To get up and running look up your puppy’s age on the Your Puppy’s Development. This will allow you to see what stage of development your puppy is at and what… View Article

Enriched Puppy Fostering

“We have four puppies that we’re fostering right now. Felix (brown male with green eyes) and Patchouli (brindle female) are 7 weeks old. They are fosters from Broken Promises Rescue. The two Rotti (Rottweiler) boys are 9 weeks old. They are BC SPCA fosters. Hugo is the smaller, with the blue collar. We fostered him since… View Article

Earl the Pearl – Staff of the Month

Ashbridges Bay – Anubis

“No, it’s not a brace, it’s a prosthesis. His leg was crushed in an accident. The vet built this for him, even attaching his own paw to the bottom of the prosthesis so that it’s as normal as possible. Not much slows him down. His name is Anubis. We’re walking him for a friend.”

Cabbagetown Marilyn

Marilyn is a four year old American Bulldog who was rescued as an adult dog. “She’s the BEST DOG EVER! We don’t exactly know her past and she seems to have a fearfulness around other dogs. It looks aggressive. She’s never broken the skin on any dog. It’s just a lot of noise and saliva. We suspect she… View Article

Double Trouble

“Roxy and Bandit have their own website. When Roxy was young she would sleep on my shoulder. They are so stubborn… Sit! Sit! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Sit! Roxy! Sit down! Sit! Sit! Good girl.”

Daisy goes to City Hall

“She’s a Shiatsu. Her name is Daisy and she’s 5 years old. I got her when she was a year an a half old. Once this woman thought it was cruel that she rode in my bike basket, so she snatched her away from me. I had to go to the Humane Society and pay to… View Article