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5 easy steps – how to use our new puppy planner

the ultimate puppy planner

There is plenty of research that shows how actually writing down your to-do list and schedule for the day makes you feel more engaged in the task at hand. And once your puppy training is complete, the physical planner becomes an artifact — a time capsule, if you will — of that time spent happenings.

Puppy Worksheets – Help You Stay on Track

puppy worksheets help you stay on track

Are you overwhelmed by puppy trainin? Check out our new series of puppy worksheets to help you stay on track.

Key to a Puppy’s Future

The majority of people turn to their veterinary team not only for the physical health of their new pup but for guidance on behavior, training and nutrition as well. How much of an impact do veterinary technicians have on a puppy’s future? They can play a significant role in determining what kind of early education people and… View Article

An Important Step

Sydney has recently graduated from and become certified with the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy. Dog training is an unregulated business with highly variable levels of education and training ability. Professional certification from schools like the Karen Pryor Academy and the work of associations like the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and… View Article