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puppy worksheets help you stay on track

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Are you overwhelmed by everything you need to get done in the first couple of months of your puppy’s life? Check out our new series of puppy worksheets to help you stay on track. Our Puppy Socialization Checklist was the first of its kind 20 years ago and has helped thousands of people raise their puppies. Recently we’ve added several new Worksheets to our site. All are free PDF’s to be downloaded as soon as you need them. Read on to find out more about each one.

  • puppy socialization checklist
  • Use this PDF worksheet to do puppy handling exercises.
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Socialization Worksheet

puppy socialization checklist
Puppy Social Checklist

The Puppy Socialization Checklist is a comprehensive socialization list. The past two decades have seen an incredible revolution in dog rearing. Considerable change has taken place and it is an exciting time to raise a dog. Above all, there is concrete evidence that investing the right kind of input and guidance in a dog during the first half year of his life has a significant positive impact on the future livelihood of that dog.

Our Puppy Socialization Checklist is broken down into categories to ensure your range is extensive, and helps you get the job done. That is to say, your puppy should experience a wide variety of people, places, sights, sounds and surfaces. Your efforts help ensure that he or she is curious, confident and resilient throughout their life. As always, your puppy decides who and what he wants to meet. Your job is to ensure that he or she is comfortable and that the world is a fun and safe place to be.

Prevention Worksheets

Use this PDF worksheet to do puppy handling exercises.
Happy Puppy Handling Worksheet

The intention of the Happy Puppy Handling Worksheet is just that, to help you achieve regular, successful handling exercises. A dog that is comfortable with routine husbandry such as; vet visits, grooming, or administering medication at home is our aim with this work. Help your puppy become used to regular handling with this easy-to-use worksheet. Before you start, get a good ‘puppy handling’overview from our YouTube How-to video on the topic. To read up on the topic please refer to ‘Can Your Puppy Handle It’, and the Handling portion in our Prevention section. The goal – For your puppy to be comfortable on a station as you perform routine handling, grooming and the sometimes necessary administering of ear, eye or oral medication. Moreover, for your puppy to learn that at any time during these exercises if he needs to take a break or stop, he can.

Puppy Prevention Behaviour Checklist Worksheet

Prevention over cure is a key strategy to attend to with a new puppy. Use the Puppy Prevention Behaviour Checklist Worksheet to stay organized and help prevent problem behaviours from developing. Stay on track with your prevention strategy, it’s insurance for the future. Print out a new sheet each week, fill in the date and pick 3-5 exercises to focus on. Keep notes and pay attention to trouble spots. For instructions refer to our Prevention section and the blogs; Watch Out For Problem Patterns, Can Your Puppy Handle It? and Don’t Touch My Stuff.

Happy Endings

We hope these Worksheets help you with your puppy raising and make life a bit easier. Subscribe to be notified when we make more puppy training tools like these. In the meantime, enjoy time with your puppy! √

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