Before You Bring Your Puppy Home

before you Bring your puppy home

There will be plenty to do when a new puppy comes to live with you. But did you know there are some key things you can attend to before you bring your puppy home? Let’s look at three things to get organized ahead of time.

The Bathroom Spot

Before you bring your puppy home, give some thought to the bathroom spot.

It should be easy to get to since you will be going there multiple times, day and night.

If this is an outside spot, it should be in the shade and as protected as possible.

Stow a critter-proof jar of non-perishable dog treats in the zone, so you always have something to reinforce your puppy with for ‘going.’

The Safe Spot

Before you bring your puppy home, get organized with the crate. What type of crate and where you will put it, or them if you are using more than one.

Having a place for the puppy to hang out in and sleep is vital for all involved. Raising a puppy can take a lot of energy, so you need to provide yourself with some alone time too!

Many people buy wire crates that can be easily divided. The hard plastic crates create more of a dark, cozy, protected environment.

Multiple crates are helpful if you have space. This way, there is always a crate close by to pop your puppy in if you need to focus on something else.

The crate should be in a ‘lived in but tucked away spot. It should be out of direct sunlight and not offering the puppy a view of doors and windows.

Bedding may or may not be appreciated by your puppy. You will need to take their lead regarding this.

The Right Toys and Chews

Confinement training, redirecting a biting puppy, enrichment, and proofing for alone time are all accomplished with the help of chews and food stuffed toys. The trick is to be ready with the toys, chews, and the right food for stuffing. Your puppy needs to love what you are serving up!

Rubber Toys For Stuffing With Food

Toppl Treat Toys are our go-to for food stuffing. They have a wide opening allowing a puppy to see the food inside and gain access to it. You can increase or decrease the level of difficulty with your stuffing technique. Feeding meals in Toppl Treats in the crate will help you with your thoughtful crate training efforts.

Things For The Puppy To Chew On

Stockpile bully sticks that you jam into grippers. Grippers hold the chew and prevent the puppy from ingesting a small end. Other chews that puppies enjoy include smoked hooves, yak cheese sticks, ‘Nohides,’ and ‘Whimzees.’ Bully sticks are our go-to for redirecting a biting puppy.

Long Toys To Bite and Chase

A Long Tug Toy with a stuffed animal or ball tied to the end is essential. It should be long enough that it can drag on the ground when you are holding it. These toys provide the puppy with something to grab onto. The length keeps the pup with four paws on the floor and also gives plenty of room between human hands and puppy teeth. These particular toys are great for kids to use to help prevent the puppy from jumping up and biting. You can make your own by braiding old t-shirts or pyjama bottoms (soft, lightweight fabric that your tear into strips) and then tying a hol-ee roller ball or stuffed animal to the end.

The importance of toys, food, and chews for the job of puppy raising is frequently forgotten, making for unnecessary frustrations. Read our Toytorial for more information on toys and how to use them.

Thoughtful Preparation

This thoughtful preparation before you bring your puppy home will make the transition smoother. Check out our thirty-minute presentation Count Down To Puppy to learn more tips for the car ride home, the first night, and the early few days. Happy Puppy Raising!

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