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Announcing Live Webinar with Q&A

You’re Lucky You’re Cute Join us on March 20th, 2019 at 2 PM EST for You’re Lucky You’re Cute. This webinar is for you if: • You are thinking of getting a puppy • You are waiting for the arrival of your puppy • You have just brought a puppy home We’re going beyond supply lists… View Article

Count Down to Puppy – Part 3 of 3

A New Life Together This final instalment of our series we’ll get you ready for the car ride home and walk you through what to expect in the early days. We will provide links that show fun things to do. It is important to do these exercises with your puppy, as they learn best before… View Article

Count Down to Puppy – Part 2 of 3

It Takes a Village Part two of our series is designed to help you build the support group that you will need when you bring your pup home. Find a Low Stress, Fear Free Vet Why is this important? Imagine a scenario where you are working diligently to raise a relaxed, confident dog. Then you… View Article

Count Down to Puppy – Part 1 of 3

Pre Puppy Preparation New puppy on the way! Yahoo! You are probably feeling excitement mixed with some nervousness. This is completely natural. This three part series will help you organize your pre-puppy preparation, resources and support system. It will also help you navigate your pup’s homecoming and your first week together. Toys, Treats and Supplies… View Article

Finding Fido this Spring

  The Savvy Way to Search You’ve finally taken the leap and decided to get a puppy. Knowing what kind of dog you want is the first step, but there are still many things to discover. All too often the important question of how to determine the best place to get your puppy is ignored…. View Article

It Takes Two

When it comes to couples rearing a puppy it’s not uncommon to have different views. We see it all the time. People come with their own history from childhood on how to raise a dog. Our own experience with discipline also affects our training approach. Puppy rearing and training have moved on over the last… View Article

The “Push-Pull” of Tug

“Tug” was originally printed in the first press run of the Ultimate Puppy Toolkit. For “Throw-Back” Thursdays, here are the original retro photos and the still current “How-To” for this most excellent of games. “Tug” is a wonderful way to relieve puppy tension and excess energy. It also has two great benefits for you –… View Article

Getting a Puppy? Read the Fine Print

What you do early on, has a profound impact on your adult dog’s behaviour. Use our handy Puppy Development Chart to see what to do in a timely manner.


Socialization Head out to a new and stimulating environment. The bus station, a pet supply store, a shopping district. The level of stimulation and distraction will vary depending on your puppy’s level of comfort and curiosity. Adjust to the correct and safe level. Stand still and watch your puppy. Let him acclimate to the area. When… View Article

Puppy Myth Buster #7

House Training My puppy peed on the carpet while I was out because he is trying to punish me. True or False Answer: False Your puppy peed on the floor because he doesn’t know any better. To him, your carpet is as good a place as any if he needs to go.  Puppies don’t know… View Article