The Release

Before we start to teach our pup obedience, there is something that you must master first; it is fun and easy and extremely important, it is called the Release.

What is a Release?

It is exactly what it sounds like, a break from whatever it is that you are teaching the pup. Simply put, it is a break from the work you are doing, designed specifically to let the dog know that he can relax and have fun.

It lets the pup know that right now they don’t have to pay close attention and that they can get up if they want. A release is “OKAY!!! Good job little critter! At ease fuzz butt!” It means that the dog can do whatever he wants and does not have to be tuned into you.

Why is the Release so important?

The release is significant because it formally ends the training session; it is black and white to the puppy, not gray and fuzzy. It sends a clear message. Sit means sit until further notice and down means down until further notice. The release is the further notice. It is important that we teach the puppy this from the very beginning.


If you get into the habit of stepping backwards and luring the puppy towards you when you release, or gently pulling the leash towards you as you step backwards, eventually, the dog will naturally come to you when you release (without any treat or leash).


Your intonation when you release your pup should be enthusiastic and happy.


It is a great idea to release with a quick game. It is also important to release frequently. If you release often with a game, the obedience and the games will start to seem like one. You will have a very happy dog, one who loves to work with you.
Keep in mind, whether you are consciously teaching your puppy or not, they are still learning! Every minute you spend together is a teaching opportunity.

Junior Obedience: Basic Exercises

Please check the Equipment List.

The following are the basic exercises to teach your puppy how to walk calmly on a loose leash, sit, down, stand, and come when called. These are the fundamentals that all puppies must learn.