3 Simple Games to Play on The Move

Moves on the go! Teach your puppy watch, touch and a rock solid recall and hone these moves as you go on outings together. All of these behaviours have something in common. They reorient the pup back to you. This is helpful for building attention or asking for attention from your dog when you need it…. View Article

Finding Fido this Spring

  The Savvy Way to Search You’ve finally taken the leap and decided to get a puppy. Knowing what kind of dog you want is the first step, but there are still many things to discover. All too often the important question of how to determine the best place to get your puppy is ignored…. View Article

TOYtorial Part 2

6 Puppy Toy Choices Behavioural conditioning, choosing the right toy for the right outcome. Add sophistication to your puppy toy selection and game playing with these seven toy choices. Feel free to print out this handy list. If you want to learn more on this topic you can find the ‘long read’ from earlier this… View Article


    A Lesson on the Finer Points of Toys Magic! I pull out ‘red ball’ and my border collie Fen is ‘in the game’. She is ready to work, play or ham it up. Whatever’s on the menu. Sure, dogs love to play. Dog’s love to hunt for things, forage, chase, catch and tug…. View Article

7 Things You Might Not Know About Your Dog

Big Plans! New puppy, exciting times! You are now responsible for another creature with an entirely unique agenda that is much different from yours. Whether this is a new puppy, an adolescent or an older dog you are adopting; I’m sure you have some ideas concerning the behavior or your dog and what you want… View Article