Musings from a Recall Warrior

  I live in a busy city with many things competing with me for my dog’s attention. I need to be on my game and engage my dog giving her good reason to check in with me. Enter The Recall Warrior. I practice calling my dog multiple times everyday. On the sidewalk, parks, in the… View Article

The Art of Reward

  It’s a hot, sunny, summer day at the beach. Not a cloud in the sky. The waves gently lap the shore, gulls call to each other. The sun is beating on you and you’re thirsty. You’re waiting for your friend. Finally you see them walking down the beach carrying a gift bag. “Sorry I’m… View Article

It Takes Two

When it comes to couples rearing a puppy it’s not uncommon to have different views. We see it all the time. People come with their own history from childhood on how to raise a dog. Our own experience with discipline also affects our training approach. Puppy rearing and training have moved on over the last… View Article

An Important Step

    Sydney has recently graduated from and become certified with the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy. Dog training is an unregulated business with highly variable levels of education and training ability. Professional certification from schools like the Karen Pryor Academy and the work of associations like the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Certification Council for Professional… View Article

What’s the trail to your mail?

Puppy Bytes subscription gone missing? Have you enrolled in the Ultimate Puppy Bytes but you’re not receiving them? Several people miss out every month on their subscription when it goes directly to their spam folder. Putting our email address in your Contact Manager will solve the problem.   Thanks for subscribing and enjoy!