Reinforcement Ready!

What’s in your treat pouch? What! No treat pouch??!! This is an essential tool for the job you have on your plate. Okay good! You’ve got your treat pouch. Nice work! Now let’s load it up. Soft, yummy treats so the puppy doesn’t get distracted with too much crunch. Smelly is always good too. Have… View Article

Cue the Puppy!

Life isn’t choreographed; think how boring that would be. Instead life is often unpredictable, random and sometimes hard and messy. This is part of what makes our lives rich and thrilling. Let’s prepare our puppies for the variety of situations they will encounter. This will require training in different environments. Are you are going to… View Article

With or Without You

There is no distinction in your puppy’s mind between when you’re training and when you’re not. Your puppy is learning and developing habits with or without your input. This is why it is so important to make every moment count. This need not be unwelcome news. It doesn’t mean that everything must be rigid and… View Article

Nipping and Biting Strategy

Part of raising a puppy is getting mouthed, nipped or sometimes bitten so hard you want to cry! You signed up for this when you got your pup. There is no way around this one. Your response to the biting is what counts. It might seem counter intuitive but encourage gentle mouthing from your pup. This… View Article

Getting a Puppy? Read the Fine Print

What you do early on, has a profound impact on your adult dog’s behaviour. Use our handy Puppy Development Chart to see what to do in a timely manner.