Socialization Head out to a new and stimulating environment. The bus station, a pet supply store, a shopping district. The level of stimulation and distraction will vary depending on your puppy’s level of comfort and curiosity. Adjust to the correct and safe level. Stand still and watch your puppy. Let him acclimate to the area. When… View Article

Puppy Myth Buster #7

House Training My puppy peed on the carpet while I was out because he is trying to punish me. True or False Answer: False Your puppy peed on the floor because he doesn’t know any better. To him, your carpet is as good a place as any if he needs to go.  Puppies don’t know… View Article

Puppy Myth Buster #6

Socialization The number one danger to my puppy is taking him out in public before he has had all his shots. True or False Answer: False The number one danger to the health of your dog is not having a proactive, positive social experience. Socialization is a process during which a puppy develops positive relationships… View Article

Enriched Puppy Fostering

“We have four puppies that we’re fostering right now. Felix (brown male with green eyes) and Patchouli (brindle female) are 7 weeks old. They are fosters from Broken Promises Rescue. The two Rotti (Rottweiler) boys are 9 weeks old. They are BC SPCA fosters. Hugo is the smaller, with the blue collar. We fostered him since… View Article

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